SWP-B Type Has Telescopic Short Cardan Coupling



Features and applications of SWP-B cardan coupling: Bearings are vulnerable parts.In order to facilitate the replacement of the bearing, the bearing housing gland is made into a split type, bolted connection, and can work under β≤5°~10° working conditions.It is suitable for steel rolling machinery, lifting and transporting machinery, engineering machinery, mining machinery, petroleum machinery and other heavy machinery, connecting two shaft transmissions with different axes, and cannot buffer or reduce vibration.

Type A-there is a telescopic long type;

Type B-there is a telescopic short type;

C type-short type without expansion;

D type-non-retractable long type;

E type-long type with telescopic double flange;

F type-large telescopic long type;

ZG Type-Formal Wear Through Type

FG type-reverse installation through type

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