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1.Product Description

The series KCB/2CY gear oil pumps possess the advantages of simple and compact structure, easy operation and simple maintenance. The series KCB gear oil pumps are suitbble for transporting various oils such as petroleum, diesel and lubricant oils. When using copper gears, the pumps can converfluids with low flash points such as gasoline and benzene ate temperature below 70º C.

They are widely used in oil reservoirs, piers, ships, mining sites, factories and farms. The series 2CY gear oil pumps are mainly used for transporting viscous lubricants for mechanical equipment. When equipped with stainless steel gears, the pumps c EPT cooking oils or beverages.

2.Pump Technical Parameters

1, Flow rate: 18.3~2500 l/min

2, Suction distance: 5 m

3, Outlet diameter: 3/4″- 8 “

4, Outlet pressure: 0.28 – 1.45 MPA

5, Motor power: 1.5 KW-75 KW

3.Models Specifications for Clients Choosing(More Information Pls Contact Us)


Model Size Flow (L/min) Pressure (Mpa) Power (Kw) Speed (rpm)
KCB18.3 3/4″ 18.3 1.45 1.5 1400
KCB33.3 3/4″ 33.3 1.45 2.2 1420
KCB55 1″ 55 0.33 1.5 1400
KCB83.3 1 1/2″ 83.3 0.33 2.2 1420
KCB83.3 1 1/2″ 83.3 0.5 3 1450
KCB200 2″ 200 0.33 4 1450
KCB200 2″ 200 0.6 5.5 1450
KCB200 2″ 200 1.0 7.5 1450
KCB300 3″ 300 0.36 5.5 1450
KCB483.3 3″ 483.3 0.36 7.5 1450
KCB483.3 3″ 483.3 0.6 11 1450
KCB633 4″ 633 0.28 11 970
KCB960 4″ 960 0.28 18.5 1470
KCB1200 6″ 1200 0.6 37 740
KCB1600 6″ 1600 0.6 45 980
KCB1800 8″ 1800 0.6 55 740
KCB2500 8″ 2500 0.6 75 980

4.Pump Structures

5.Spare Parts Show

6.Product Advantages

1.Driving Gear Passive Gear
The active / passive gear after high temperature quenching, ion carburizing lime chloride. Gear has a stronger hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.. Can extend the service life of the gear.

2.High Temperature Bearing
High temperature bearings can bear larger load torque, under high temperature, good stability, high bearing capacity, withstand high temperatures. Wear small, long life. DEFU gear KCB18.3-KCB83.3 is the sliding bearing, KCB200 above is the rolling bearing.

3.Mechanical Seal
Carbide mechanical seal, with good heat resistance and impact resistance, friction coefficient is small, self lubricating performance, reliable performance, no leakage, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance.

4.Integral Coupling
DEFU high temperature gear pump uses the integral coupling, safe and reliable, the concentricity is good, the service life is long, under the heavy load operation bears the torque ability to be strong.

5.100% Copper Motor
DEFU gear pump matching 100% copper motor, stable operation, low calorific value, output power standards, long service life.

6.Certificate of Inspection
DEFU out of the factory every gear pump has been strictly tested, and equipped with a certificate, manual, test data report, the ship with the Chinese classification society CCS certificate.

7.Product Details(Warmly Welcome To Contact Us)


KCB type gear pump is suitable for transporting heavy oil, mechanical oil, fuel oil and solid material, fiber, oil, chemical products, etc.. The pump is equipped with a safety valve to prevent damage to the pump and motor caused by overload.

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High  China  in   Hyderabad India   pinion coupling  factory  Viscosity  in   Goyang Republic of Korea   rubber gear coupling Oil Transfer Gear Type High Temperature Palm Oil Pump with top quality lowest price